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Gallery of Moments

Over the Years...

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with Keith Morrison
Lester Holt and me
Hans Zimmer and Al Roker
Hallie Jackson interviews Ben for NBC Nightly News
Al Roker interviews Quency Jones
Lester Holt, Chief Beck, Tom Tanquary
Natalie Morales interviews Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal for the movie The Great Wall
Ron Howard
Director Paul Greengrass, Alicia Amanda , Matt Damon and Dylan Dreyer
Former PM of UK Tony Blair
Natalie Morales
Piers Morgan Tonight  - Oprah
Vice President Joe Biden
Tom Brokaw and Colleen Williams
Barker Ranch   Dateline NBC
Michael Richards
Shuttle Endeavor lands at LAX
Maria Shriver
Stone Phillips
Stone Phillips & Kort
Steven Tyler & Kort
Katie & Kort
Dawn Wells (Maryann)
Today....I showed Dawn the 25 year old photo... she said, _wow, you've changed_  ...
Shoot with Sophia Lorean
Hans Zimmer
Lava Flow Pahoa Hawaii
Yosemite Fire w/ Miguel Almaguer
Press Conference
Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
Emmy night 2001 Dana me Tom
Superbowl Pasadena
Maria Shriver
Stu Nahan
James Caan & Kathy Bates
Phillis George & Kort
" Look of the Year"
In the Snake River Idaho
Tom Brokaw
Yosemite Fire
Shoah Foundation
Spain-Amazing Games
Masada and The Dead Sea  2007
Tom Brokaw
Stockholm - After Hours Show
On the set of "Friends"
Hawaii Lava Crew
The Fabulous Baker Boys reunion
Broll- Timelapse
Rick Johnson over me
Photo pic of Ed Mc Mahon
Tyra Banks T zone camp
"The Amber Room"
Spain with Ned Hall
NHRA Commercials w-Mike Cole
NBC News in Yellowstone
Matt Lauer talks to 3D image
Frank Luntz
Carrie Underwood & Hoda Kotbe
The 5th Dimension
San Diego surf
"Breakfast with Bill" segment
Bernie Sanders
Hillary Rally "LiveU"
Allyson Felix
Kids form Mozambique
Kids form Mozambique
Keith Morrison
Ben Carson
Chris Hensworth
Mike Love of The Beach Boys
Bernie Sanders
US Olympic Rugby
Lisa Kudrow
Kate Snow
Hillary Clinton
1998 Miss Universe pageant in Hawaii
Tom Brokaw & Chris Matthews
Soundman Mark Edelstein
Women in Hollywood story
Superbowl Security
Kort Slider b-roll
Kenny Rogers
Up in the Grand Tetons Wyoming
Williams Fire "Fighting The Flames"
The 1st McDonalds in Moscow
Yosemite 1989
Dave Malkoff - WX channel
On a train Moscow to Kiev
Peter Warneke & me
Vero Beach 1987
Miss Universe
USO show Death Valley CA
National Park air crew
Miss USA
Roller Derby, Olympic Auditorium LA
Miss Teen USA Shreveport LA.
John Bevard -the best soundman ever.
Kort & John Bevard
KNBC 4 Los Angeles
KNBC news w- Bob Navarro
KNBC News PSA plane crash
KNBC News 1981
KNBC Hot Sundae
Live PBS Earth Nature
Kort and John Bevard
KNBC telelicopter - Bob Pettie
Kimberly Miss USA Penn. 1998
Look of the Year Pageant 1988
James Horner
Jess Marlo
Matt Lauer interviews Steven Tyler
Bloomburg TV
Bloomburg TV
Janet Jackson
Iron Man
"Street Eats" Asia
B-roll Japanese temple
Keiko "Free Willy"
Locked in with a convicted Killer
OMG.. where it all happened
Snorkle Lens
"Street Eats" Asia
Holy City Israel
Hurricane Iniki-Kauai
The Station Fire
Don King - John Bevard
Disneyland Commercial with Pratt & Purcell
Dodgers Vero Beach
Crazy Horse winter
Crazy Horse South Dakota Spring
Tom Brokaw and Brad Pitt
Chris and Adrianne
Bodog Fight - Costa Rica
Bodog Girls - Costa Rica
Barrow Alaska
Calvin Ayre
Art Scholl
Hallie Jackson and Hilo Mayor
Giffords shooting memorial
Cindy Crawford
Jeffery Moss and Peter King
Miguel Almaguer
Maria Shriver and Cindy Crawford
The Voice Judges
Tom Brokaw and Angelina Jolie
Tom Brokaw and Angelina Jolie
Diamond Resorts Internatonal
REELZ Channel
Joe Fryer interviews Jay Leno
Leonard Maltin & Grae Drake
NBC Sports
California beach access story
Fleetwood Mac reunion
Maria Shriver and Cameron Diaz
Budweiser Superbowl commercial
Carribean sunset
Jenna Bush interviews Shakira
The Voice
REELZ Channel
Chelsea Clinton
Guy Beck and Chelsea Clinton
1976 Theta Cable
Kort & John Bevard
Siegfried & Roy Special
Wayne Newton
Hilo Hawaii Hurricane
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